8 May 2020.  Survey results released on COVID-19 impact.
Executive Summary is here.
Attachment A: Data analysis is here.
Media release is here.

3 May 2020. Survey finds easing restrictions on elective surgery and access to parks and reserves a top priority, The Examiner.

24 April 2020. Virus fear spreads: survey, The Examiner. 24 April 2020

15 April 2020. Survey results released on COVID-19 impact.
Media release is here. 
Executive Summary is here. 
Attachment A: Data analysis is here.

26 March 2020. Joint Media Statement by Health Consumers Councils across Australia: Health consumers lead community call for nation-wide lockdown.

25 March 2020. Talking Point: There are four things Tasmania are most worried about with coronavirus, The Mercury 

11 July 2019. Talking Point: Emergency departments the tip of the iceberg,  The Mercury

18 June 2019. Talking Point: How to heal our hospital emergency crisis, The Mercury

8 April 2019. Talking Point: Finding the best way to have a say on healthcare,  The Examiner. 

6 April 2019. Media Release: Building a Consumer Health Voice in Tasmania


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