Board and Staff roles available

Join our team and help build Health Consumers Tasmania. Please click on the following documents to read more about the available positions:

       ·      General advertisement for all positions available

       ·      Board Members

       ·      Board Youth Observers

       ·      Health and Wellbeing Network Manager (Full Time)

       ·      Communications and Admin Officer (Full time)

 ·       Policy Officer (Part Time)

Applications for employment are due 15 September. Board Member and Youth Observer applications are due 20 September. Any inquiries contact  

Have your say on Covid-19 Vaccination Passports 

As more people become fully vaccinated against Covid-19 there is discussion about the introduction of “Vaccination Passports” whereby people who are fully vaccinated face few restrictions in their employment, socialising and travel. It is a complex issue with many different views amongst Tasmanian communities.
Health Consumers Tasmania does not have a formal position on the topic, and wish to understand any concerns you may have.
We would greatly appreciate if you could take our survey at
The survey is open from 20 August to 4 September. Your answers are confidential, URLs are not recorded. More than one person can answer a survey from the same device. We especially appreciate any efforts to assist at risk communities to undertake the survey. 


Our objective is to pursue the following charitable purpose:

Act as the peak independent body for all health consumers across Tasmania that can influence and improve the wellbeing and health of all Tasmanians, ensuring quality, equity and access to service delivery.

Provide an informed and representative consumer voice to the Tasmanian Minister for Health, public, private and non-government health service providers across all facets of
policy, planning, service delivery and evaluation.

Increase the skills and effectiveness of health consumer participation in local, regional, Tasmanian and national policy, planning and health service delivery through training and mentoring.



Your voice matters. Let’s improve our health system.