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The documents below are available to the public and outline the work and consultation that has been undertaken by Health Consumers Tasmania.

Covid-19 Vaccination Passports

As more people become fully vaccinated against Covid-19 there is discussion about the introduction of “Vaccine Passports” whereby people who are fully vaccinated face fewer restrictions in their employment, socialising and travel. It is a complex issue with many different views amongst Tasmanian communities.

Read more below for our position on this topic.

Media release: Health Consumers Tasmania survey shows support for vaccine passport isn’t clear-cut, 17 September 2021.
Opinion Editorial: Health Consumers Tasmania supports vaccination passports in some circumstances, 17 September 2021.

2021 Election Commitments

TASCOSS Joint Peaks Statement 2021
Election Commitment – Community Health Innovation Hubs
Election Commitments Summary


June 2021 The Examiner. Tasmanian Treasury releases report which shows massive health spending rises into the future

June 2021 The Examiner. Clear Communication

April 2021 Huge win for community as Liberals back community health initiative

April 20 2021 The Examiner. COVID-19 Tasmania: Survey finds community ‘relying’ on GPs for vaccine information

2021 Liberals’ elective surgery funding boost a welcome step in the right direction

2021 Labor’s investment in rural and regional health facilities a welcome step in the right direction

2021 Survey shows key health consumers turning to GP for advice on Covid-19 vaccines

9 May. Tasmanian map a path out of the coronavirus lockdown

6 May 2020. Tasmanians on track to download the Covid safety app

3 May 2020. Survey finds easing restrictions on elective surgery and access to parks and reserves a top priority, The Examiner.

24 April 2020.Virus fear spreads: Survey, The Examiner.

26 March 2020. Joint Media Statement by Health Consumers Councils across Australia: Health consumers lead community call for nation-wide lockdown.

25 March 2020. Talking Point: There are four things Tasmania are most worried about with coronavirus, The Mercury

18 March. Health Consumers Tasmania support our health professionals.

29 November 2019. Understanding my healthcare rights.

11 July 2019. Talking Point: Emergency departments the tip of the iceberg,  The Mercury

18 June 2019. Talking Point: How to heal our hospital emergency crisis, The Mercury

8 April 2019. Talking Point: Finding the best way to have a say on healthcare,  The Examiner.

6 April 2019. Media Release: Building a Consumer Health Voice in Tasmania


Op-ed April 18 – 2021 election commitments

Op-ed: Keeping people below the poverty line will do nothing except add greater pressure to an already struggling health system

Op-ed: Co-locating a private hospital with the LGH is only one part of the health jigsaw